Science Writing Course–Winter Quarter

Winter 2010
Ocean 506 A
Science & Technology News and Feature Writing
Credits: 3
MW, 2:30-3:50
Location: OCN 425
Instructor:  Dr. Deborah Illman

 Course Description: 

This course provides graduate students and upper division undergraduates with an advanced experience in science and technology writing.  We explore issues of accuracy and the treatment of scientific uncertainty by journalists and sources. Other topics include the structure of feature writing, the editorial process, layout and display issues, and ethical codes for practicing science writers.  Students develop advanced skills in science news writing through a combination of writing assignments, readings, discussion sessions, writing clinics, and special guest presentations by practicing science writers.  Students completing this class should possess the conceptual understanding as well as the practical experience needed for a variety of writing, communication, or public outreach positions.

Add code required–priority will be given to those who did not take Ocean 506A during fall quarter 09. Email the instructor at illman at u…

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