Talk: Internet-Based Research for the Desktop and Beyond

This week’s installment of the Fall 2009 Current Issues in Human Centered Design & Engineering Seminar Series:

Who: Jan Spyridakis, HCDE Professor and Chair; Sajanee Halko, Elisabeth Cuddihy, Kate Mobrand, HCDE PhD students; Jaayden Halko, HCDE MS student
Topic: Internet-Based Research for the Desktop and Beyond: Building a Foundation of Excellence for Information Design on the Web
When: Thursday, November 12, 5:00 – 5:50 pm
Where: Sieg Hall, room 134

Abstract: The internet has become a primary vehicle for delivering information, but the online platforms used to access that information are constantly shifting. Web users are more sophisticated in the ways they access information online, but it is unclear whether design best practices have kept pace. The need to develop a set of effective best practices for web design, based on empirical research, becomes even more critical as people migrate from desktops to mobile browsing. We strongly support the use of internet-based research to ensure the ecological soundness of information design best practices.

View the full Fall 2009 Speakers Series schedule attached and online at:

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