Funding: UW Environmental Innovation Challenge (EIC)

If you’ve got a passion for clean-tech, the smarts to play in the emerging green economy, and the desire to leverage your engineering background to make an impact, the UW Environmental Innovation Challenge can provide just the platform (and the funding!) you’ve been looking for.

For the UW EIC, interdisciplinary student teams will define a clean-tech problem, design and develop the solution, and work together to produce both a prototype (or proof of concept or computer simulation) and a business summary that outlines the market opportunity.

We have $30,000 available for prototype funding. And we have industry mentors and coaches available to help students work through the process of getting their technology application to market. In the Challenge on April 1, students will pitch their concepts and demonstrate their product/idea to a group of judges that includes technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors. Teams are judged on their prototypes, business summaries, and potential for impact. The grand prize is $10,000.

Application here:

Pam Tufts, UW Environmental Innovation Challenge (EIC)
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
ptufts@u…   206.685.3813

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