SLinkSlam: Is Social Networking Good or Bad for Democracy? (Feb 24)

Can Facebook and Twitter make us better citizens? Is social networking effective as political involvement? How can social networks lead to social and political change in a digital era? Is sharing your opinion or making a donation the same thing as civic engagement?  To explore these questions and more, join a faculty panel and your peers at SLinkSlam for a forum on “Social Networking, Political Advocacy and Citizenship in a Digital Age.”

When: Wednesday, February 24, at 3:30pm
Where: SMI 120

Featured Faculty:
    Lance Bennett, Political Science & Communication,
    Kirsten Foot, Communication,
    Hanson Hosein, Master of Communication in Digital Media Program

SLinkSlam is a great opportunity to participate in discussion of a hot topic with faculty outside classroom. Bring your questions about social networking and political participation. And bring your friends–ALL ARE WELCOME to attend!  SLinkSlam is hosted by SLink, the Social Sciences Link, and supported by the College of Arts and Sciences.

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