HCDE Talk: Mapping Opportunities to Improve User Experience

Who: Jacob Burghardt, Owner and Principal Consultant, Flashbulb Interaction
Topic: Mapping Opportunities to Improve User Experience
When: 12:30-1:20 pm, Friday, March 5, 2010
Where: Loew Hall, room 216

Abstract: As User Experience Researchers and Designers, we make key contributions to product development by communicating insightful observational stories, compelling experience analogies, and carefully articulated inventories of usability breakdowns. And yet, on any given project, some portion of our inspirational ideas and (primary and secondary) research findings may fail to make an impact in our teams’ collaborative definition and design discussions. Some of these “lost” UX inputs could propel our products forward toward the elusive goals of design-lead strategy and innovation.

While the UX community excels at sketching and documenting design possibilities, formative visual maps that call out considered opportunities for UX improvement are less common. Without such maps, the breadth and details of interactive systems can get in the way of isolating desired experience attributes and designing targeted breakthroughs. In this talk, I will outline a simple framework for thinking about different types of UX opportunity maps and discuss their potential use in the development of products for the knowledge workforce.

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