Meet Representative Jim McDermott, 10/28

The Nu Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honors Society, invites you to its first guest lecture series, featuring YOUR Congressman, Rep. Jim McDermott!
When: Thursday, October 28th @ 7PM
Where: Smith 120
How: No registration or emailing needed! Just show up 15 minutes prior to the event!

For this first lecture, we are immensely proud to bring Congressman Jim McDermott [D-WA] to UW to speak about “Jobs, Unemployment and the Future of the Economy.”  Although the talk will be loosely focused around that subject, we encourage students of all political persuasions to come with any questions – any questions, on any… topic – that they may have for their Congressman.  After the Congressman’s talk we will have a moderated question-and-answer session which we hope will give students the chance to have a broad dialogue with Rep. McDermott.

So come out and meet your Congressman!
Come out and question your Congressman!
Come out and challenge your Congressman! (Politely, via questions on a notecard).

A note (or two) on the Lecture Series:

The Pi Sigma Alpha Lecture Series has, for the past two years, been an annual affair inviting speakers involved in elected politics to speak about their transition from activism and campaigning to the day-to-day work of government. This year, PSA is seeking to broaden both the Lecture Series and the political conversation. We are working to make the Lecture Series a quarterly institution, and to organize politics-related lectures that stimulate civil civic conversation. If you would like to know more – about the Lecture Series or the club itself – visit our website at:
Or email us at: nupsa@u

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