University Disciplinary Committee Membership

It’s that time of year again where we seek students who are interested in serving on the University Disciplinary Committee.  Commitment to serve on the committee runs from January through December of 2011.  Students should be in good academic standing and should be interested in gaining leadership skills through serving on this University Wide Committee.

The University Disciplinary committee is comprised of students and faculty who have the ability to hear disciplinary cases on behalf of the university. Students who have allegedly violated the Student Conduct Code can appear before the University Disciplinary Committee or to have an informal hearing with one hearing officer.   Additionally the UDC hears appeals of case in which a student may have been found responsible for a violation of the code but the student has a disagreement with the initial finding or sanctions.

Students are selected at random from those students who identify an interest in the University Disciplinary Committee and then training is provided for those selected.

Students can put their name in the hat by emailing me directly at higgie@u…  The only information I need from the student is their name, major, college or school and year in school.  

Thank you and best wishes for the end of the term.

Elizabeth Higgins
Community Standards and Student Conduct

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