Transmedia Storytelling Salon

Transmedia Storytelling Salon | January 18, 2011

This unique public salon will begin at 6PM in the Walker Ames Room (UW Seattle Campus) with a live webcast of Media Space TV where host Hanson Hosein sits down with Brent Friedman, Founding Partner of Electric Farm Entertainment, for a 30 minute conversation about Transmedia Storytelling and how the digital media revolution is not only transforming how Hollywood does business, but how it tells stories.

  • LIVE webcast of Media Space TV, Episode 5 (viewable on screen in Walker Ames Room)
  • Appearance by Host, Hanson Hosein and guest, Brent Friedman
  • Additional thought leaders in the field of Transmedia Storytelling
  • Light refreshments
  • Real-time social media dashboard
  • Panel Q & A

Media Space TV Episode 5: Transmedia Storytelling (live webcast from UWTV on screen)

The digital media revolution is not only transforming how Hollywood does business, but how it tells stories.  Brent Friedman left his studio job in California to set up Electric Farm in Langley WA.  From his Whidbey Island office, he is pioneering the use of “transmedia storytelling” (a cohesive narrative that is told through multiple platforms: from TV, to web, to games, to mobile).  We’ll speak to Brent about how he produces content, and how he does so for his Hollywood clients so far away.  We’ll also discuss Brent’s vision on how content creators and technologists need to spend more time sharing ideas.

Transmedia Storytelling and the Internet:  Who Owns the Pipes?

Immediately following the live screening, our audience will be joined by various thought leaders, including welcoming Hanson and Brent in person, for an active discussion on the topic and moderated Q & A.  This will be a larger conversation about the digital infrastructure for storytelling and where we’re headed.  The BIG picture will be ownership, control and management of this infrastructure (aka “net neutrality”) and what it means for professional storytellers.

Brent V. Friedman, Founding Partner, Electric Farm Entertainment

Brent V. Friedman is a founding partner in Electric Farm Entertainment, a leading digital media company.  Brent created, wrote and produced EFE’s first two ground-breaking web series, AFTERWORLD and GEMINI DIVISION, for Sony & NBC.   Brent served as Executive Producer on EFE’s recent web series, WOKE UP DEAD and VALEMONT, the latter that he also co-created for MTV.  Currently, Brent is writing and producing the sequel to Valemont.  His extensive TV credits include Writer/Producer on STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, TWILIGHT ZONE and co-creator of the NBC cult-hit series DARK SKIES.  Friedman got his degree in Creative Writing from UCLA and currently resides in Washington.’


John du Pre Gauntt: Founder, Media Dogo

John du Pre Gauntt is the founder of Media Dojo, a blog and consulting service focused on the impact of cloud computing on the digital media economy. During 2010, John worked at the highest levels within Sony Corporation to help develop a cloud-based media services strategy and operational plan. John’s research into the intersection of technology, media and economics has involved some of the world’s most influential media and corporate brands including Google, Ericsson, Morgan Stanley, Groupe Publicis, Daily Mail & General Trust, PricewaterhouseCoopers, NTT DoCoMo, Fujitsu Software, Nokia, Oracle, eMarketer and The World Economic Forum. His analysis and opinion have been published by The Economist Intelligence Unit, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and other leading publications. John earned a Master of Science with Distinction in Information Systems from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Russell Sparkman: Executive Producer, New Media Initiatives

Russell is a new media craftsman with more than 25 years of visual communications experience. In 1999, he co-founded Fusionspark Media, a new media creative agency and marketing communications firm that inspires, informs and influences through authentic online content supporting corporate, non-profit and government communications initiatives. As CEO, Russell has played key roles in all Fusionspark Media projects, including executive producer, chief photographer, videographer, information architect, and project manager. He is also the founder/executive director of the Langley Center for New Media, sits on the board of directors of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, the Whidbey Institute for the Contemporary Arts. For fun, Russell enjoys SCUBA diving, snowboarding and playing bass in a blue/rock band.

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