Talk: Current Trends and Research within Informal Learning Environments

New Directions in Audience Research Community Presentation:
“Current Trends and Research within Informal Learning Environments”

Guest Lecture by: Kevin Crowley, Ph.D and Karen Knutson, Ph.D
University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Out of School Learning Environments (UPCLOSE)

Date: January 25th
Time: 3:30pm‐4:30pm
Location: Burke Room, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture  (UW Campus)
Admission: Free Admission ‐ let admissions desk know you’re attending the presentation

Karen Knutson, Ph.D is Associate Director, UPCLOSE and Director of Research & Evaluation,
Kevin Crowley, Ph.D is a Director, UPCLOSE and associate professor of Learning Science and Policy


UPCLOSE is an academic home for informal learning. We explore what it means to learn science, technology, and art in informal settings. We tinker with innovattive designs to support informal learning. We document how museums and community organizations learn and change. And we bring research and practice together through collaboration and fieldbuilding initiatives.

UPCLOSE also houses the Learning Sciences and Policy, Ph.D program which trains the next generation of leaders in informal learning research and policy. Focusing on both formal and informal environments.

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