UW Ethics Prize for Graduate Students

Apply by Feb 1, 2011

The Program on Values in Society at the University of Washington offers an annual grant of $750 for graduate students seeking to introduce serious consideration of normative ethics into their descriptive academic work. The goal of these grants is to encourage interdisciplinary discussion of ethics as an aspect of empirical research. Priority will be given to doctoral students writing a dissertation in the social or natural sciences; other graduate students are also welcome to apply. 

To apply for this grant, please write a proposal with the following information: 

  1. A dissertation abstract of no more than one page, detailing the academic project to which the prize will be attached; 
  2. A one-page description of how considerations of normative ethics  will be introduced into this project; 
  3. A discussion of how the prize money will be useful in the pursuit of these goals. Possible funding purposes include the purchase of books related to normative ethics, consultation and data gathering  expenses helping integrate ethical analysis into the research, or  conference attendance relevant to normative ethical inquiry. 

The program is currently accepting applications for the 2010-2011 school year. Deadline is February 1, 2011. Inquiries may be directed to: ponvins@u… 

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