UW Environmental Innovation Challenge – INFO SESSION Thurs Jan 27

UW Environmental Innovation Challenge
Information Session – and PIZZA!
Thursday January 27, EE Bldg
403 Conference Rm, 4:30-5:30

Are you participating or thinking about participating in the UW Environmental Innovation Challenge?  We’ll talk about judging criteria, logistics, and insights for the Challenge, which is on March 31. If you are looking for a team to join, come and hear what others are doing.

Who Does This Event?

If you’ve got a passion for clean-tech, the smarts to play in the emerging green economy, and the desire to leverage your background to make an impact, the UW Environmental Innovation Challenge can provide just the platform you’ve been looking for.  Teams are cross-disciplinary, from undergraduates to grads, from colleges and universities across the state. And don’t forget, there’s that chance to win $10,000.

First deliverable:  INTENT TO SUBMIT DUE February 17, 2011 

Pam Tufts
Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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