Science writing course–spring quarter

Spring Quarter
Ocean 506 A  Science & Technology Creative Nonfiction Writing M, W 2:30-3:50 Rm 425 OCN
3 credits   Qualifies for W credit
Schedule Line Number 16525

Instructor: Dr. Deborah L. Illman, illman@u

This course treats advanced forms of science and technology writing for upper division undergraduate and graduate students, and provides an opportunity for students to develop articles that may be considered for publication in Northwest Science & Technology online magazine. 

We compare and contrast the structure of the news feature to other forms of nonfiction articles that are used to present technical content to diverse audiences.  Specifically, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the narrative form and examine several award-winning examples. The course provides an overview of other genres, including profile and review.

Students research and write a news feature with narrative lead as well as an article using one of the other forms treated in the class; drafts are critiqued by classmates in writing clinics.

The ultimate goal is to be able to exercise deliberate selection and control of structure and style in science writing appropriate for the content, context, and communication goal. Students keep a writing journal throughout the quarter as a tool to develop ideas and techniques, and they write a query letter–a specialized form of proposal used to present a story idea to an editor.

Prerequisites: At least upper division standing and permission of instructor.  Email requests for the entry code to the instructor, including a brief statement of current course of study, level, and previous writing experience.  illman@u

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