Jump Start your Job Search

Looking for some help with your internship or fulltime job search? Student Services is happy to provide you a new online resource. Last fall TalentMark hosted a series of 9 Career Webinars on a variety of job search skills and strategies. We’ve purchased a link to these workshops for you to access.

Pick up the latest information on how to organize your job search, plan your career, build a network, develop killer resumes, create your own personal brand, and use Linkedin and Facebook to get a job!

Webinar topics are:

  • Career Ethics
  • Career Planning
  • Networking
  • Resumes
  • Facebook       
  • Linkedin
  • Personal Branding
  • Job Search  
  • Job Retention

Each webinar is about an hour long and packed with information and suggestions, so be sure have paper and pencil handy to capture those ideas. You can access the webinars at http://www.talentmarks.com/Fall_Presenters.aspx. We’ll also post a link on the Student Services career web pages at http://ischool.uw.edu/resources/career.

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