MCDM and Four Peaks Salon: March 5th @ Adobe

This from Scott Macklin at the Master of Communication in Digital Media program:

We had a successful, sold-out hard launch for Four Peaks this Monday, featuring inventor-physicist-rock star Nathan Myhrvold.  Read all about it, and watch the Media Space interview with Nathan:

The next salon is coming up fast: Saturday, March 5th from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. at the Adobe Fremont campus:

“Do We Need Another Space Needle?  Inspiring Leadership in the Pacific Northwest for the Next 50 Years” is being integrated directly into Anita Verna Crofts’ final MCDM leadership class for the quarter.  And for the first time, we’ll film our interview with Media Space guest Eric Liu on-location at the salon, with the salon’s attendees as the live audience.  We’ll then proceed to a more participative salon, which we’re framing in this manner. 

“In 1962, Seattle declared itself as a focal point of the Space Age, hosting the World Fair with the Space Needle as its landmark.  As we approach Seattle Center’s 50th birthday, our region faces a new set of priorities — and challenges.  In today’s economy, it’s less a question of physical infrastructure, and more one of social and intellectual capital that feed our region’s creative energy.  What role does community-building and leadership play in harnessing this energy?  What do we need to do better to ensure that we don’t get left behind?

Eric Liu is the founder of the Guiding Lights Network, as well as Bill Clinton’s former speechwriter.  He’ll chat with Media Space host Hanson Hosein live, on-camera about his groundbreaking efforts to spark civic engagement and social change, with a unique focus on citizenship, mentorship and technology (

The Media Space TV show will be immediately followed by a broader, salon conversation that follows on regional intellectual capital and leadership – whether it is crowdsourced decision-making, the arrival of the Millennial Generation as customers and colleagues, or the wider reach of personal narrative in the age of new media, the challenges and opportunities that leaders face are evolving as quickly as the technology itself.  Eric talks about “Getting your Citizenship On.” He posits 3 claims that need to be in place “If you want to get better at making things better —you are not alone”:

  • There’s no such thing as a self-made person
  •  We’re all better off when we’re all better off
  •  Society becomes how you behave


We’ll convene leaders from the technology, entrepreneurial, venture capital and academic worlds to discuss these claims and what we need to accomplish in our own region.”

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