Stress management for Graduate students


Are you experiencing recurrent stress in your life?  Would you like to learn proven methods for increasing stress-resilience?  Then this program is for you.

Modern life forces many people to confront stressful situations, and graduate school, either by itself or in combination with other life circumstances, can be a very stressful period of life. Although we can’t always control the situations that stress us out, we can learn to control our reactions to them in ways that minimize distress and increase our behavioral effectiveness.

The University of Washington Psychological Services and Training Center has a limited number of openings for its Stress Management Training Program. This 6-session research-supported psychoeducational program is designed to help people

  • Discover links between stressful situations, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Learn and apply physical and mental coping skills to deal more effectively with stress by increasing mind-body control.
  • Increase the ability to control not only anxiety, but also other states that involve emotional arousal, such as frustration and anger.

Note. This program is not for people whose primary problem is depression.

Based on a preliminary 2-week daily analysis of online stress and coping reports, training is tailored to each person’s unique life circumstances, and the program fee is designed for a graduate student’s limited budget. To register or learn more about this program, please contact:
Psychological Services and Training Center
(206) 543-6511 (Ask for Jessica)

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