Academic Careers:Diverse Job Opportunities in Higher Education

UW Graduate School & UW Career Center, Spring 2011

As part of the Graduate School’s commitment to graduate student and postdoc success, we are pleased offer the following events for this quarter’s Professional Development Series for graduate students and postdocs.

Next week, in partnership with the UW Career Center, we offer three panel discussions focused on jobs in academia: ACADEMIC CAREERS: DIVERSE JOB OPPORTUNITIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION. These three free events are designed to help graduate students and postdocs explore an array of staff and faculty positions at a variety of higher education institutions.  


Ever thought about teaching at the community college level or wonder how working at a community college might be different than working at other types of educational institutions? Come listen to community college professors and administrators describe their positions – work environment, responsibilities, students, and more. They’ll also provide tips on how you can make yourself marketable for community college jobs.

Panelists will represent –  The honor’s program at Highline CC; Spanish department at South Seattle CC; biology department at Edmonds CC; gender studies and political science departments at North Seattle CC; and the dean’s office at North Seattle CC and South Seattle CC. 

Mon, April 25
Bagley 154


Are you interested in being a professor at a school different than UW – perhaps a smaller school, a liberal arts school, or an independent school? Come listen to the experiences of UW alumni who teach at various schools in the Puget Sound area. Panelists will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of teaching in various settings and give you tips for making yourself marketable for faculty careers beyond R-01 schools…and for lecturer roles at research schools.

Panelists will represent – the science program at UW-Bothell; communications department at Northwest University; electrical engineering department at Seattle University; and English department lecturer team at UW.

Wed, April 27
Miller 301


Want to work in a university but not sure you want a tenure-track faculty position? Wonder what other kinds of positions in higher education might make good use of your skills and advanced degree? Come listen to graduate-degree-holding university staff members describe their jobs. Panelists will also share tips on how you can make yourself marketable for interesting higher education staff positions.

Panelists will include – An Assistant Dean in the UW College of Education; an Editor for UW Press; the Director of Sponsored Research at UW-Tacoma; the Director for New & International Initiatives at the Center for Workforce Development; and the Community Relations Manager for UW-Bothell’s Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences graduate programs. 

Thurs, April 28
Miller 301


What:  Communicating and Collaborating with Your Research Supervisor***
Presented by:  Briana Keller, Thomas Gething, and Rebecca Aanerud
When:  May, TBD
Where:  TBD

What:  Authorship and Data Ownership Issues***
Presented by:  Elaine Thompson, Professor Emeritus, Psychosocial & Community Health
When:  May 18, 3:30-4:30
Where:  South Campus 316R

What:  Grant Writing in the Sciences***
Presented by:  Sheila Lukehart, Professor, Medicine, Infectious Diseases & Global Health
When:  May 26, 12:30-1:30
Where:  TBD

*in partnership with the UW libraries
** in partnership with the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs
***in partnership with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and the UW Career Center

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