Recruiting Graduate and Professional Student UW Bookstore Trustee

We are currently recruiting for the position of Graduate and Professional Student Trustee to the UW Bookstore. In their role as student Trustee they act as a member of the UW Bookstore Board of Directors. This is one of the GPSS Special Committees as per our bylaws. What that means is that we deem this to be a committee of special interest to the graduate and professional student community. Based on this designation we do an extensive recruitment and vetting process to get a candidate who is committed to the unique role that the University Bookstore has in our campus community.

So what makes our Bookstore unique? First it is one of only two of its type in the country. It is a for-profit store where all of shares are held in trust for the students, faculty and staff of the UW. This means that the bookstores mission is provide high quality services to our community. Second is that the Board of Trustees, which also acts as the Board of Directors, is made up of students, faculty and staff of the UW except for one seat which goes to the CEO of the store, Bryan Pearce.

I am just finishing my 3 year term and will be leaving this year so the position is open. Let me tell you about what kind of commitment this position requires. We do a monthly Board meeting which is always on Tuesday evenings. Members are also expected to sit on at least one Board Committee, with meetings varying amongst Committees based on what issues are before them at any given time. There is a one day Board retreat which usually happens in the end of January. These are the key time commitments for meetings. There is of course some time involved in prepping for meetings and staying up to date with issues affecting the Bookstore.

As I stated earlier the term is for 3 years. You do not have to be available for all 3 years but the longer you can commit to the position the better. If I was not leaving the UW I would re-apply. It takes some time to learn and become familiar with the store and act as an effective member of the Board so a longer commitment is very helpful.

If you are interested please contact GPSS VP Ben Henry at gpssvp@u

Please include a letter of interest explaining why you would want to be the Bookstore Trustee and a copy of your most recent resume or CV. We plan to have this position filled by the June 2 Board of Directors meeting. The new Trustee would be expected to attend this meeting as part of the transition and to meet the Board. The GPSS VP and 2 Executive Senators (myself included) will review all candidates and recommend a nomination to the GPSS President who will then submit the nomination to the full Executive Committee for approval (by the May 25 Exec. meeting).

 If you have additional questions about the position please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to share insights from my 3 years as the GPSS Trustee to the UW Bookstore.

Peace and health
Shawn L. Mincer
Graduate and Professional Student Senate University of Washington, Seattle
email: gpsssec@u
phone: (206) 543-8576

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