Dependable Strengths Seminar for Grad Students & Postdocs

Dependable Strengths Seminar for Grad Students & Postdocs
Fri & Mon / Aug 19 & 22 / 8:15-5:00 / The Career Center

The Dependable Strengths seminar provides a safe place for grad students, postdocs, & graduate-level alumni to explore their good experiences to discover their unique patterns of strengths; consider which strengths they want to use in a career; write a report that articulates their strengths and reflects their potential; and learn to use the report to make connections, enhance application materials, and improve interviews.

Here are a few responses given by recent participants when asked “The most important thing I learned in this workshop was…”

  • That there are things I’m good at! Grad school has definitely taken a toll on my self-confidence, and it was really good for me to identify my strengths and have others cheer me on.
  • I would say the biggest thing that I took away from the workshop was to focus on what I have (my strengths) rather than always looking at what I don’t have and comparing myself to what others might have.
  • It has made it easier to sift through potential career choices, even though I’m still finishing my graduate work. At times I start feeling a little confused about what options to consider, and it has been helpful to go back to my dependable strengths to help me focus on what direction to continue on.
  • The workshop has made me more aware of my ability to affect my satisfaction in my job. Specifically, it’s given me tools to figure out what brings me satisfaction.
  • It directly helped me express my good qualities in a job application process in the two months after the workshop – it helped me put my best foot forward for a job that I wanted – and got.

Cost is $100 for students ($160-$200 for postdocs & alumni).

Register at:

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