Entrepreneurship and the Tech Community: Startup Weekend

Kick Off the  Year Right by Participating in Startup Weekend Seattle EDU

TeachStreet will be leading the Seattle Startup Weekend EDU event held on Sept. 30 – Oct 2. If you are unfamiliar with Startup Weekend EDU’s, they’re 54 hour cram session where we gather designers, engineers and business people to build ideas over the weekend, and all projects will be focused on innovating in the education space. Feel free to check out the previous Startup Weekend recap video here.

We’re convening ~125-150 Seattle-area technologists and entrepreneurs (ranging from undergrads, to VC-backed/experienced entrepreneurs).  In addition, a who’s who of Seattle’s tech community will be serving as mentors and advisors, including local VCs, CTOs, CEOs, and more.  AND Mitch Kapor will be keynoting the event.  He is a pioneer in personal computing and has shown his extreme passion for education through his continuous efforts to invest in companies that create social value.

A few quick notes:

1. Date: Friday, September 30 – Sunday, October 2.

2. Time: Event kicks off on Friday at 6:30 PM in Dempsey  Gallery (3rd Floor) of Paccar Hall.  See the full event schedule: http://seattleedu.startupweekend.org/event/

3. Location: Paccar Hall at the University of Washington. (Trust us, it’s a perfect location to build a startup.)

4. Registration: http://seattleedu.startupweekend.org/tickets/  | Tickets are $49 for students.  Use code “STUDENT” to get the discount.

5. “Join the EDU discussion”: There are so many problems  (err… opportunities to innovate) within the EDU space, that we didn’t want to  wait until the 30th to start developing game-changing ideas. We’ve created a UserVoice tab which we will use as a forum where you can voice your opinions on problems areas, ideas and vote up ideas you think we should build over the weekend. All you have to do is click the green “Join the EDU discussion” tab at the bottom right of our event page here: http://seattleedu.startupweekend.org/

6. Please follow us @SWSEAedu and help spread the word 🙂

You aren’t going to want to miss out on this one. It’s going to be HUGE, not only for the Seattle startup ecosystem, but we believe with the talent Seattle has, ideas can be built to revolutionize the education system all around the world. Join us as we dedicate a weekend to change the future!

Startup Weekends are specifically designed for entrepreneurs interested in receiving feedback on an idea, looking for a co-founder, or who want to learn a new skill. We also welcome anyone looking to test the entrepreneurial waters. Startup Weekends are risk-free environments where  everyone is expected to roll up their sleeves and dive into the exhilarating  world of startups.  Sign up today!

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