Student Universal U-PASS Program: New Changes

The UPASS is the bus pass for UW students, which also provides light rail and Sounder commuter train service, discounted carpool parking, Zipcar discounts, and other discounts.

Last year, students proposed to the UW Board of Regents making the U-PASS program a universal program for students. The Regents approved. The change reduced the cost of U-PASS membership and locked the rate through the 2012-2013 academic year. It also means that all students who pay the SA&F fee are charged for a U-PASS, even if you don’t use it.  Read more about the Universal Student U-PASS program (Commuter Services provides a helpful FAQ on the changes).

Also, how do you get your UPASS?  You actually need to get a Husky Card, and the smart card technology of your Husky Card will serve as your UPASS.  Pick up your Husky Card anytime you want, here on the UW campus – head to the Husky Card Account & ID Center.  More information here.

2 thoughts on “Student Universal U-PASS Program: New Changes

  1. This is a very unfortunate (and expensive) situation for online students who live beyond the Seattle area – a $76 quarterly fee for bus service that we can’t use. I urge my fellow online students to contact the U-Pass Advisory Board ( to register your concerns and (if so inclined) to request exemption from this fee.

  2. I totally agree and have voiced concern to the Board about this fee. I know there are some groups that are exempt. I don’t understand why online students who live in other states and countries have to pay this fee (as well as the SAF fee).
    Jennifer Clark

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