Welcome to the 2011-12 Academic Year!

A message from Wendie Phillips, Director of iSchool Student Services:

Welcome to the 2011-12 Academic Year!

The Student Services staff members are excited to start another academic year! We planned a number of events for fall quarter including a couple chats with the Dean, advising pods, a variety of career workshops and meet-the-firm events, as well as our traditional Halloween Open House. For our online students: watch for ways to attend these events online or listen to the recordings at a later date.

Here’s a guide to the information you’ll find in this message:

  • Student Services Staffing Changes
  • After Hours Access to Mary Gates Hall
  • Career Services
  • Conversations with the Dean
  • Communication streams: Blogs, FB and listservs
  • Student Services Open House

Student Services Staffing Changes

If you are a returning student this fall, you’ll notice two new faces in the Student Services Office and one familiar face is missing. Sharon Talbert has gone on to new ventures. Sharon retired from the UW at the end of August.

Student Services would like you to welcome two new staff members:

Linn Hykkerud is our new program assistant in Student Services. In addition to being our primary receptionist, Lynn assists with iSchool events and works closely with prospective students and the admissions process. Linn is a native Norwegian who first came to the US during a study abroad opportunity in high school. She later studied at PLU in Tacoma. She has a degree in social work and previously worked as an Employment Consultant at Puget Sound Personnel.

Gary Winchester provides administrative support for students in the MSIM and INFO programs, help on the various Student Service events, and maintains the iSchool Student Services social media and listservs. Gary is not completely new to the iSchool: over the summer he served as the temporary Academics Coordinator, helping make sure our 2011-2012 courses were in order. Gary received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Western Michigan University, and he completed his Master of Education from Grand Valley State University.

A special thanks to Mark Squires and Rebecca Spzer who served as the student representatives on the search committees for these positions.

After Hours Access to Mary Gates Hall

To avoid being escorted out of the iSchool labs when MGH is closed, you need to have an official permit issued by the iSchool. These permits will allow you to stay in MGH from building close to 3 a.m. We are issuing building permits over the next few weeks to those students who request them. These permits are valid for the 2011-2012 academic year and expire on June 15, 2012. New permits will be issued in the fall of 2012. If you would like a building permit, please complete the survey linked to here.

Deadline to request a permit is Friday, October 14.

Mary Gates Hall hours are:

  • Sun thru Thu: 7 am to 12 am (midnight)
  • Fri and Sat: 7 am to 9 pm
  • The building is closed on holidays and has shorter hours during breaks from classes

Note the distinction between after-hours permits and your husky cards. Your Husky Card is already coded to give you access to the Computer Lab, iLounge and Mary Gates Hall when the doors are locked. If your card is not working, please contact Ann Corboy (acorboy@uw.edu). The after-hours permit is a separate document that proves you have permission to be in Mary Gates Hall after hours. If asked by UW security, you would need to show your Husky Card and your after-hours permit.

Career Services

The iSchool is in the process of hiring a Career Counselor. This new position will focus on developing workshops and services to help iSchool students in their internship and job searches, as well as connecting with employers to identify opportunities for students. We anticipate having someone in this role by the end of autumn quarter.

That doesn’t mean you should wait until then to start your internship or fulltime job search! Attached to this message is a Career Events calendar for this quarter. Please look it over and take advantage of the variety of workshops, Career Fairs and Meet-the-Firms that are scheduled.

If you are looking for job or internship opportunities, be sure to join our job listservs: iprojobs and istujobs. Information on joining these (and other) listservs is found here.

Conversations with the Dean

Each quarter Dean Bruce holds informal meetings with small groups of iSchool students. These meetings are a chance for students to talk with the Dean about their experiences at the iSchool and the UW. There are two Conversations with the Dean scheduled for fall quarter:

  • Tuesday, October 25, Noon to 1:30pm
  • Wednesday, November 16, Noon to 1:30 pm

Space is limited for both events. If you’d like to participate, send an RSVP to Linn Hykkerud at linnmh@uw.edu.

Keeping You Informed

As a reminder, our primary mode of communication to iSchool Students regarding academic issues is by email to your UW email account. It is your responsibility to be aware of the information we send to you via email.

In addition to email, Student Services uses a number of other communication mediums to manage the various types of announcements we are asked to forward to students. Announcements about UW activities, professional events or other opportunities for students that aren’t directly related to your academic program are posted on the Student Services blog. In addition to the blog, we also have a Facebook page as well as a twitter account. Right now a lot of events and opportunities across campus are being posted to the blog—such as invitations to Entrepreneurship Competitions, Research Open Houses, Foreign Language Fellowships, etc. Check out what you are missing!

Here are the links:

Emails for Advising Questions

Have quick advising question? Send it to one of our advising emails.

Student Services Halloween Open House

Save the date—Monday, October 31, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, MGH 470. Costumes welcome.


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