Event: TASCHA Talk

TASCHA TALK: Araba Sey and Chris Rothschild

October 20, 2011, from 3:30 to 4:30pm
Roosevelt Commons Building, 4311 11th Ave NE

Fourth floor multi-purpose room

The Global Impact Study surveys were designed to collect comparable data on uses and outcomes of public access ICT use in five countries on three continents. This TASCHA Talk will reflect on a range of research design and project management issues encountered during various stages of the survey project.

About the presenters

Araba is the research lead for TASCHA’s Global Impact Study. She is interested in the social and economic implications of information and communication technologies in developing countries. Araba holds a PhD in Communication.

Chris is a Research Analyst working on the Global Impact Study. His research focus is on the impact of information access users and non-users of technology venues. Chris holds Master’s degrees in Public Administration and International Studies.

TASCHA Talks are bi-weekly sessions to share, discuss, and advance new ideas around topics related to technology and social change. Learn more at tascha.uw.edu/taschatalks.

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