Event: GPSS Higher Education Summit

*GPSS Higher Education Summit*

Friday Nov 4th, 8:30am-1pm

Kane Hall, Walker Ames Room


Please join GPSS for our 5th Annual Higher Education Summit on Friday, Nov.

4th.  The theme of this year’s event is: *On Whose Shoulders: Who Pays For Higher Education in Uncertain Economic Times?  *We will examine Washington residents’ ability to attain an advanced degree at a public institution given rising student debt burden and less government support.  University of Washington President Michael K. Young will deliver opening remarks.


Free breakfast and lunch will be provided.  Can’t make the entire event?

Feel free to drop by for a panel – see schedule below.

Facebook event:


The event is free and open to everyone.  For more information:

gpsspa@uw.edu, (206) 543-8576


Summit Schedule:*


8:30am:    Breakfast and Registration


9:00am:    Welcoming Remarks: UW President Michael Young


*9:15am:    Panel 1:  State and federal assistance for advanced degree

production at Washington’s public universities*


*Panelists:  *


– Rep. Reuven Carlyle, Vice-Chair, Higher Education Committee

– Ethelda Burke, Chair, Higher Education Board Chair

– Paul Jenny, Vice Provost for Planning and Budgeting, University of



Moderator:  UW Impact Director Courtney Acitelli



*10:10am  Panel 2:  What is the future for Washington’s public research universities in an era of shrinking state assistance?*



– Elson Floyd, Washington State University President

– Kellye Testy, Dean, University of Washington Law School

– Doug Wadden, Interim Provost, University of Washington


Moderator:  GPSS President Aaron Naumann



*11:10am  Panel 3:  Attaining an advanced degree:  Has student indebtedness reached the tipping point?*



– Kay Lewis, Financial Aid Director, University of Washington

– Susan Terry, Career Center Director, University of Washington

– Julia Carlson, Director, Graduate Enrollment Management Services, The

Graduate School, University of Washington


Moderator:  Gerald Baldasty, Dean, The Graduate School, University of Washington



*12:05pm:  Comments in Memory of Senator Scott White*


– Adam Sherman, GPSS Vice President

– Margaret Shepherd, Director of State Relations, University of



*12:15pm:  Closing Remarks*


Senator Derek Kilmer, Vice-Chair, Ways and Means Committee


*12:30pm:  Lunch and Open Discussion*

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