Event: Volunteer with the Dream Project

UW Dream Project

Admissions Workshop Weekend
November 19 and 20

The Dream Project is a student-initiated, student-led program that partners UW students with first-generation and low-income students from local high schools, as they navigate through the college admissions process. We also coordinate an annual event called Admissions Workshop Weekend at which high school students can come to our campus and receive help on their college application process, which will be taking place the weekend of November 19 and 20 this year. Ideally, students will have the opportunity to work one on one with a mentor/tutor to provide support and make sure they are on track with the college application process. These high school students will gain a strong understanding of the college application process and craft quality applications and essays. From years past, many of our students complete their entire college applications over the course of this weekend. You will find that this is a rewarding community experience when you witness the accomplishment of these students in one weekend. That is why we need your help! For further details please contact us at marcus08@uw.edu or thompt2@uw.edu.

If you’re interested in committing to this effort, please go to the following link to register:



Marcus Ramirez and Tayler Thompson

Volunteer Coordinators

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