Event: Call for proposals – iSchool Student Conference

The iSchool Student Conference is a student-led student conference at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. The 2012 conference, 3Cs: Collaboration, Convergence, and Communities, will be the fourth annual student conference at University of Toronto. It will take place from March 2nd-4th. The goal of this conference is to encourage collaboration between and across disciplines, schools, professions, and state, provincial, and national borders.

We are now accepting submissions for papers, lightning talks, posters, and discussion leaders for round tables. We would love to receive submissions from students at your university, and will be very appreciative if you can extend the call for submissions to your students. Submission Guidelines, outlining the requirements for each type of submission, are reproduced below, but can also be accessed on our website: http://3cs.ischool.utoronto.ca/


Deadline: 15 December 2011

Submissions fall into three categories: Presentations, Posters, and Round Tables. A presentation may be either 15 or 30 minutes and should address a topic on which you have done substantial work, whether it be a completed paper or even progress toward a thesis. Lightning talks are seven minutes long, and are meant to showcase new ideas to be discussed and developed. Posters are for dynamic viewing and discussion, and address in-progress topics and new areas of research.

Submissions will be evaluated by a program committee made up of Faculty of Information students.


1. Panel Discussions (Presentations, Lightning Talks): Submit an abstract for a lightning talk or full-length presentation (300 word maximum)

2. Poster Presentations: Submit an abstract (300 word maximum)

3. Round Tables: Submit an abstract (300 word maximum) answering the following questions: a) What is your topic? b) What expertise/experience do you have, and where did you gain it? c) List three relevant issues for discussion. d) How does this affect at least three areas of iSchool/LIS work (i.e. any combination of knowledge management, information systems and design, museums, libraries, archives, critical information systems or communities).

Email all submissions to 3cs.istudent.conference@gmail.com

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