iSchool Employer Connections Fair sponsor: Pariveda featuring Stefan Mai

By Mark Squire


Name of Employer/Company: Pariveda

Location of Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Name: Stefan Mai

Location: Bellevue, WA

Title/Position of Employee: IT Consultant


Can you give us a brief description about position?

Pariveda’s consultants are the bread and butter of our operations in IT consulting. Pariveda leans heavily into their consultants to gather requirements, plan projects, and ultimately implement solutions that realize business value.

Can you describe a typical day for you at Pariveda?

My day might start with a standup meeting discussing our product backlog followed meeting with internal client resources to find out the “why” of various requirements, perhaps making suggestions about ways that they can leverage technology to improve their work. After that, I might code for a block of time before meeting with some Pariveda folks for lunch. After lunch I’ll code a bit more, have a meeting to discuss processes with our VP (who is incredibly accessible, something I’ve learned is very rare) and finish the day with coffee with my mentor to discuss career goals and what I’m doing to achieve them.

What three words would you use to describe the culture at Pariveda?

Career-driven, egalitarian, and open.

What is the most memorable experience or accomplishment you have had as an employee at Pariveda? (ie- a project you worked on, deadline met , group initiative, etc)

Pariveda has a large, company-wide trip every year for a training event known as Finfest. Finfest is a time where all the employees of Pariveda can get together to have a good time, network, and learn a thing or two from the presentations. Two of my colleagues and I got together and spent a lot of time preparing and polishing a presentation on machine learning implementations and their upcoming value for our clients. We presented to the large group on the trip and were selected by our peers for an award that is 2 weeks off of client time to do independent work related to our topic of machine learning. Think Google 20% time for 2 weeks.

What would you describe as the best part about working for Pariveda?

-5 weeks of paid vacation
-Extremely career oriented mentoring and training: an integral part of the culture here
-Intelligent and helpful colleagues; a major effort is made to encourage cooperation

Any advice for current students looking to enter your field?

-Internships are a must. Find a way to demonstrate real-world competency in technical situations
-Given Pariveda is an IT Consulting company, find a way to work in some technical courses and experiences that showcase your ability to work with technology

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