Career Workshop: Dependable Strengths for College

Dependable Strengths for College

A 2-Day Workshop

Workshop & Curriculum for one low price!

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Dependable Strengths for College

February 6 and 7, 2012

2100 Building — Seattle


The Dependable Strengths for College (DSC) curriculum enables college students to identify their unique, inner-motivated strengths and find valued outlets for those strengths.

  With this empowering new knowledge, students have shown greater motivation and ability to

Stay in school

Select appropriate majors

 Plan their education

Identify possible future careers

Prepare for job interviews, and so much more.

This enjoyable, interactive workshop helps you learn how to identify your own strengths then deliver this strength identification process to your students.

The thirteen-hour Dependable Strengths for College curriculum can be offered as a stand-alone workshop, a quarter- or semester-long course, or be incorporated into an existing curriculum.

 Receive two days of training plus a FREE copy of the Dependable Strengths for College Curriculum.



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