Event: Speaker Jentery Sayers

The iSchool in conjunction with Suzzallo Library Data Services Team and the Simpson Center for the Humanities will be hosting a presentation by Jentery Sayers, Assistant Professor of English at University of Victoria. The presentation will be held Thursday, February 16th from 2.30-4.00 in 420 MGH.  The event is open to the public.

Jentery will introduce his talk asking questions of how are the ways in which scholarship is produced, circulated, reviewed, and preserved changing; to what effects on our perceptions of writing, collaboration, research, archives, history, and culture? He will then go on to discuss ways in which his current hybrid (i.e., part print, part digital) book project, a cultural history of magnetic recording from 1878 to the present, attempts to answer these questions.  Of particular interest to work being done across the iSchool research community, the discussion presents the ways in which the project uses the Scalar platform to integrate 3D data visualization, Resource Description Framework, Dublin Core metadata schema, and annotated audio and video into a long-form argument anchored in comparative media studies, literary criticism, and information science and technology studies.  He will close his talk with a brief overview of other digital scholarly communication projects he is working on, including the Seattle DIY Exhibit, an online exhibit of UW’s Crocodile Café Collection, and Humanities Physical Computing at University of Victoria, currently his home institution, arguing that the continued engagement with new modes of scholarly communication demands collaboration, multimodal communication, and the combination of technical competences with critical theory.

Details of his academic career and received awards for his research, service, and teaching are attached.

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