Event: Careers in International Non-Profit (with UW Alumni who founded local Seattle NGOs)

UW Alumni Panel – Careers in International Non-Profit (with founders of local Seattle NGOs)

Tuesday, February 28th
Thomson Hall 317
No registration required

Join us for a lunchtime discussion with UW alumni Rick Montgomery (’88 BA, International Studies) and Samantha Rayner (’08 BA, Business), who founded their own NGOs in the Seattle Area. Learn about their career paths and what led them to founding these global organizations, as well as internship and volunteer opportunities.

Bio for Rick Montgomery, founder of Global Roots (children’s charity organization):

After graduating from the UW’s Jackson School of International Studies in 1988, Rick took a job in southern China but the rampant destruction of Pearl River ecosystems and the endless migration of child labor from the hinterlands inspired Rick to change directions. He roamed the world as a travel writer and tour guide until he met Tendol Gyalzur, a Tibetan woman who has adopted more than 250 desperate children on the Tibetan Plateau. Rick realized that he could bring about great change by seeking out and helping local humanitarians like Tendol in distressed places all over the world. http://www.globalroots.org

Bio for Samantha Rayner, founder of Lumana (microfinance organization):

Sammie implemented the pilot micro-credit program that marked the inception of Lumana in 2008, which occurred through meeting members of the Atorkor Development Foundation in Ghana. She has been the driver of Lumana’s strategic expansion ever since. Sammie is Lumana’s operations director, overseeing the implementation of programs and communication between teams in Ghana and the US as well as managing the organization’s finance and accounting systems. In addition to keeping the back-end in check, Sammie loves introducing new people to Lumana, maintaining relationships with supporters and encouraging young people to get involved in social entrepreneurship through Lumana’s Fellows Program. Sammie has a BA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business with a focus on international business and French. Sammie began her path toward founding Lumana when looking for ways to use her business degree to do good in the world. She was struck by the powerful concept of microfinance and wanted to be a part of spreading it to rural areas in Africa where there was – and still is – a great need for funding. http://www.lumana.org/

During this upcoming lunch-time chat, Rick and Samantha will answer any questions you might have about global aid work and explain why you should never be afraid to “knock on the doors that keep you from your destiny.”


Global Roots Info Session with founder Rick Montgomery (JSIS alum)
Tuesday, February 28th

Kane Hall 210
No registration required


The volunteers at GlobalRoots.org, a grassroots children’s charity founded in Seattle, have traveled into war zones to assist local humanitarians in their efforts to improve the lives of orphaned and abandoned children.

 Join the founder of Global Roots (a JSIS alum) and two UW student volunteers for a talk about grassroots aid work and how Global Roots is helping children in need in unstable regions inside Palestine, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Kenya, Cambodia and Israel.

Learn how you can join an upcoming Global Roots service trip!

Speakers include: Global Roots founder and UW alum Rick Montgomery, Global Roots Outreach Manager & UW graduate student Sarah Tarvin-Tan and Global Roots at the UW (GRUW) President Maddie Howard.

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