Event: Splash with Educational Studies Program

The Educational Studies Program (ESP) at the University of Washington is planning to put on an event called Splash on Saturday, May 19, 2012.

Splash is an all-day event where middle and high school students come to campus and take classes taught by UW students, faculty members, alumni, and community members.  The classes can be academic or fun (anything from sewing to sabermetrics to computer programming can be taught), it’s up to the teacher to decide what they want to teach and it’s a great way for middle and high school students to come to UW and explore campus.  Splashes run at colleges throughout the country including at Stanford, MIT, University of Chicago, and more.

During the month of March we are focusing on teacher recruitment.  We are hoping to recruit students who are looking for something new and exciting to participate in and who are willing to teach others skills that they have learned throughout their studies and their lives.  Teacher registration will run through the end of March.  It really is a fun experience.

I was hoping that you could help by possibly putting an announcement out in a weekly email or via another form of advertisement.  Would this be possible?

Also, I was talking to my advisor and she said that it was possible for us, as a registered student organization, to request funding from you.  I realize that budgets are tight right now, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.  We have funds to reserve classrooms, but still need funding for teaching supplies, advertising, and food.  Please let me know if you are able to help our program out or if you have any other advertising or funding suggestions.

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