Event: Graduate and Professional Student Sessions

Hello Grad and Professional Students:

Below is a list of sessions offered this coming spring quarter.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Lightning Talks: Sustainability event this quarter being held in the Research Commons.

More information is included in this e-mail and at http://commons.lib.washington.edu/lightningtalks .

Proposals to present at the event are still being accepted! Submit a proposal

Conflict Resolution

Unfortunately sometime conflicts arise in the course of graduate education. Learn what to do when you run into a conflict with your advisor or colleague, learn what resources are available on campus for resolving the conflicts, and most of all learn how to avoid or minimize conflicts from occurring.

When: March 30 from 11:30-12:30

Where: Research Commons (Ground Floor of Allen Library)

Presenter: Rebecca Aanerud

Academic Career Panels: Part 1*

Community College Teaching Opportunities

Come meet and hear from administrators and professors from community colleges about their work, their students, and their passion for working in community colleges.

When: April 4 from 3:30-5:00

Where: Bagley 131

Academic Career Panels: Part 2*

Faculty Careers at Teaching-Focused Universities & Colleges

Come hear from professors about their work in teaching-focused colleges and universities. What kind of class loads to they have? How many students per class? Do they undertake research as well as teach?

When: April 5 from 3:30-5:00

Where: Savery 260

Lightning Talks: Sustainability**

Doing sustainability-related research?  Submit a proposal for our Graduate Student Lightning Talks in the Research Commons, which will be held Tuesday, April 10th 4-5:30pm.   This event will feature 10 short presentations (5 minutes each) given by graduate students doing research on topics related to the theme “Sustainability” environmental sciences, political science, business, education, history, urban planning, humanities, technology, etc.  This will be a fun, informal event that will allow grad students to share their research across disciplines, make connections and build presentation skills.  The event will also include a presentation by a librarian on a Libraries collection/service related to this theme.  http://commons.lib.washington.edu/lightningtalks

When: April 10 from 4:00-5:30
Where: Research Commons (ground floor of the Allen Library)

Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Issues

As a graduate student or postdoc, is your intellectual property (research findings, patents, ideas) yours or does it belong to the University of Washington? Find out and learn more about how issues of technology transfer and intellection property.

When: April 17 from 3:30-4:30

Where: Research Commons, Green A (ground floor of the Allen Library)

Presenter: Dennis Hanson

Grant Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Learning how to write a strong grant is a skill and an art. In this session we focus on grant writing in the humanities and social sciences. If you have current grants you are working on or considering, bring them to the session or email them in advanced to Rebecca Aanerud (raan@u.washington.edu) be sure to indicate that grant writing session in the subject line.

When: April 20 from 10:30-11:30

Where: Research Commons (ground floor of the Allen Library)

Presenter: Miriam Bartha, Associate Director, Simpson Center for the Humanities

Finding the Mentors You Need as a Graduate Student

There is no question that mentors are incredibly important as you work your way through graduate school. But, how do you find good mentors? What if your advisor is not your primary mentor? Should you have more than one mentor? This presentation helps you think about the mentoring relationship and how find and build good mentoring relationships.


When: TBD

Where: Research Commons (ground floor of the Allen Library)

Presenters: Rebecca Aanerud and Nick Muy


Grant Writing for NIH (and other health science related grants)

This session is ideal for students and postdocs in health sciences, psychology, social work, anthropology, biology, etc. But, it is open to all students.

When: May 11 (time TBD)

Where: Research Commons (ground floor of Allen Library)

Presenters: Professors Kelly Edwards and Helene

Grant Writing for NSF

This session is ideal for students and postdocs in the STEM fields, But, it is open to all students.

When: May 14 from 11:30-12:30

Where: Research Commons (ground floor of the Allen Library)

Presenter: Professor Jeff Berman

Turning Your Dissertation into a Book

This popular session explains the process of finding a publisher, submitting a book proposal, and working with an editor, among other details that help you transition your dissertation into a book.


When: TBD

Where: Research Commons (ground floor of the Allen Library)

Presenter: Lorri Hagman, Executive Editor, UW Pres

*in partnership with the UW Career Center

**in partnership with the UW Libraries

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