Event: What to do with 500,000 Citizen Scientists featuring Chris Lintott

What To Do with 500,000 Citizen Scientists


Chris Lintott

Chris Lintott

Coming all the way from the University of Oxford, Chris Lintott brings more than a British accent; he shows us a revolutionary way to do science that breaches the historical boundaries between scientist and ordinary citizen. “Citizen Science,” as Lintott calls it, uses the internet and his website, zooniverse.org, to harness the collective brain power of thousands of ordinary people to process massive amounts of data. It’s the new Big Science and already it’s discovering galaxies, decoding ancient texts, and helping predict the future of climate change by looking at weather from the past. What other questions can it answer? What other worlds will it discover? Plug in your brain and decide for yourself.

April 17, 2012 | 6:30 p.m. | Kane Hall


RSVP for a seat specially held for undergraduates.

NOTE: 100 seats are being held specially for undergraduates. Once these 100 seats are claimed, students can register with the general public or come to the event for a standby seat. Don’t miss out: sign up today!

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