Non-Librarian Jobs for LIS Grads

Hey MLIS! If you didn’t have time to attend Kim Dority’s presentations this week, you missed out on some very inspiring discussion of alternative careers for Librarians! But never fear, there’s a lot of great material out there on this topic, like this blog posting:

Non-Librarian Jobs for LIS Grads

While many of these actual jobs are not live anymore, this is a great list of job titles you can do your own searching on through LinkedIn, google, or your job board of choice to learn more about requirements and responsibilities of these positions. There are also some other great presentations that have been delivered on the topic of non-traditional library jobs, and you can access two very relevant sets of presentation materials here. 

Finding great nontraditional job opportunities involves tapping into your strengths, your skills, and thinking creatively about how you want to make an impact and what kind of value you can provide. Attend the upcoming Dependable Strengths seminar (register here! ) to do some targeted work on this for yourself, or schedule an appointment with Janet for individual career advising. Email:

Enjoy the job search!

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