iSchool Career Services Newsletter: 4/16/2012

**News and Tips**

Focus on your network!

Whether you’re in the middle of your job or internship search, or if you’re set for the summer and feeling relaxed about your career prospects, networking is critically important. Networking is not just something that needs to be done when you’re looking, it’s important to keep your contacts current and engaged even when you’re happy with the offer or position you have. When networking, remember two strategies: ask questions, and add value. Ask questions that will add to your knowledge of a company, an industry, trends, or tools. Add value by sharing the information you have with the person you’re networking with, such as sharing information on an interesting article you read/heard, a topic or trend you studied, or connect that person to someone else in your network or a resource you find useful. And if you’re shy or consider yourself to be someone who “hates” networking, consider the different ways you can go about  building and caring for your network:

  1. In person: Informational interviews, meetups, professional conferences, award ceremonies, and networking events are all ways to connect live, one-on-one or in a group setting. For example, see the iSchool/Amazon networking event in the events list below!
  2. Via email: writing a quick message to a recruiter, a former colleague, a friend-of-a-friend to say hello, share a news article or a project you just completed, or to ask a question about a skill or trend are good ways to connect briefly and keep your name in someone’s mind.
  3. Social networking: use LinkedIn to connect with professionals in your field, to search for contacts who do the kind of work (or hire for positions) that you’re interested in, to do company research, and to connect other people together. An iSchool student recently connected me to a recruiter using LinkedIn, resulting in that employer sponsoring an event for us later this year. Both mine and the recruiter’s networks are bigger and that student now has a reputation as a connector and someone who adds value. Find some other good LinkedIn tips here.

**Career Events This Week**

Mon., April 16 | 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Meet The Employer – Amazon

Tue., April 17 | 12 – 1 pm

Job Applications Workshop (World to Work Week): Condon Hall room 511e

Tue., April 17 | 3 – 4 pm
Networking for Shy People (& Everyone!) workshop

Tue., April 17 | 7 – 8 pm

Resume & Cover Letter workshop (presented by CLUE Writing Center)

Wed., April 18 | 3 – 6 pm

UW Bothell Spring Career & Internship Fair (Day 1)

Thurs., April 19 | 10 am – 1 pm

UW Bothell Spring Career & Internship Fair (Day 2)

Thurs., April 19 | 1 – 2:30 pm

Federal Jobs: Find & Apply workshop

Thurs, April 19 | 3 – 4 pm

Networking Workshop led by Morgan Stanley – Johnson Hall room 022

Thurs, April 19 | 7 – 8 pm

Resume & Cover Letter workshop (presented by CLUE Writing Center)

Thurs. April 19 | 7 – 9 pm

iSchool Amazon Mixer at Jillian’s Billiards on South Lake Union

Fri., April 20 | 3 – 4 pm

Resumes & Cover Letters workshop

Sat., April 21 | 10 am – 3 pm

E.N.G.A.G.E. Your Life! Workshop – REGISTRATION OPEN

Sat., April 21  | 2:30 – 4:30 pm

InfoCampLite, part of Husky Fest, UW Mary Gates Hall

Mon., April 23 | 2:30 – 3:30 pm

Finding Jobs & Internships workshop

Wed., April 25 | 2 – 3 pm

University of Washington IT

Southern Teachers Agency

Pixar Animation Studios

Archive Coordinator

Contact Camille Torres for more information:

Museum of Modern Art

Assistant Archivist

Contact Camille Torres for more information:

Yale University

Librarian for Digital Humanities Research

Lead Catalog Librarian

Contact Andrew  Gray for more information:

Earl Gregg Swem Library – College of William and Mary

Cataloging and Metadata Librarian

Contact Kathleen DeLaurenti for more information.


Developer/Information Architect:

For more information contact: Emily Bomar

Lacuna Systems

UX Designer

Contact for more information and to apply.

Puget Sound Energy

UI/UX development and design, engineers, and managers

Email for more information.

Seattle Public Library

Library Associate IV

Children’s Services Librarians, Teen Services Librarians, Adult Services Librarians

Contact Steve DelVecchio for more information.

Ciber Federal

Librarian Researcher

Contact for more information.

University of Washington Information Management

Senior  Application Systems Engineer Req#83014

Contact Rebecca Rowe for more information.

Rocky Mountain Research Station – USDA Forest Service

Physical Science Technician, GS-1311-07

Contact for more information.

Peninsula College

Instruction & Reference Librarian

Email for more information

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Leland Saylor Associates

Document Archivist

Contact for more information.

UNC-Chapel Hill

International Monetary Fund

Affirma Consulting

UX Designer (on HuskyJobs)

LMC Consulting Group

Project Manager/Consultant (from HuskyJobs)

Lynden, Inc.

City of Lincoln City

Reference Librarian (from HuskyJobs)


Internships and Student Jobs

University of Oregon

Reference Internship

Contact for more information.




Volunteer Computer Tutor

Contact for more information.

Tencent America

Jr Market Research Analyst

Contact for more information.

University of Washington Information School

Hourly IT Support Student Assistant- Summer 2012- Spring 2013

Teaching Assistant INFO 344 & INFO 343 – Summer Quarter 2012

Undergraduate Research Assistant – USE Research Group – Summer 2012

Contact for more information and to apply.

Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center (HSDC)

Volunteer, Library Organization

Contact Brayde Willson for more information.


Summer Interaction Designer Internship

Contact for more information.

New Startup: Lighthouse

User Experience Designer

Contact for the description and more information


Android Application Development


MS SQL and Web design/development internships

Contact for more information.

Federal Trade Commission

Student Volunteer Intern Program

Christopher Falcone at 202-326-2027 for more information. Email for full description.

US Attorney’s Office

IT Clerk (From HuskyJobs)

UW Capital Projects Office

System Administrator Intern (From HuskyJobs)


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