Event: Graduate School Panel

As we near the end of spring quarter, many students are starting to think (worry?) about where their lives will take them after graduation.  More and more we’re hearing the advice that a BA is not enough these days, that a graduate degree is needed to do higher-level, higher paid work. Is this even true?  And if it is, there are so many graduate programs to choose from, how do you choose? Should you go now or wait? How long should you take off from school before applying?

On Wed, May 9, from 3:30-5:00pm in Smith 105 the Sociology Department in partnership with the AKD Honor Society and the Career Center will be offering a special “Graduate School Panel for Sociology Majors” designed to answer these questions and more. We will have professionals on our panel who hold degrees from different programs often of interest to Sociology Majors (Sociology, Social Work, Law School, Public Administration, and Education) and who have first-hand knowledge about the current landscape and possible careers paths.

We will ask panelists these questions, to start:

  1. What they wished they knew before applying to grad school
  2. How they selected their discipline
  3. How they selected schools/programs to apply to and then the final school to attend
  4. Do they have strategies for students to use to help them figure out which direction they should take for graduate school?
  5. Did they take time off before going to school? How long did they wait? What did they do in-between?
  6. What range of GPA or test scores would a student need to feel confident about applying?
  7. What can you do with this degree????


Taylor Richman (Education)

Sara Oppenheimer (Public Administration)

Alison Holcomb (Law)

J’May Rivara (Social Work)

Alexes Harris (Sociology)


Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to compare multiple perspectives and advice about different graduate school options. This panel is specifically tailored for Sociology Majors, but if you have a friend or two who are also thinking about graduate school, please bring them along!


Any questions, just ask.

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