Event: iSchool Capstone Event

The University of Washington Information School is proud to announce the upcoming iSchool Capstone event on Thursday, May 31 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

Capstone projects from the UW Information School are concrete examples of how we design and build effective solutions to the information problems people and organizations face every day.

Our sponsors this year are Yahoo! and Intelius.  The messages below express why each these companies feel supporting the UW iSchool is important.

Intelius is excited to be the presenting sponsor of the UW iSchool Capstone 2012! We take pride in supporting the UW iSchool and its students as they continue to produce world class work in the informatics field. Intelius hopes to forge a long-term partnership with the UW iSchool, assisting its advancement in informatics education and recognizing its top students and their projects.

Intelius is a leading i-commerce company and we understand the impact information will have on our personal lives and the global economy. We take our leadership responsibility seriously as we empower both individuals and businesses with information. We are proud of our innovative partnership with the UW iSchool and hope to continue supporting the impressive work done through the iSchool Capstone.

Yahoo! is proud to sponsor the iSchool’s Capstone Event.  Information is a critical tool and how it’s managed will determine your organizations success.  The iSchool’s focus on people, information and technology, and the student projects that are presented at Capstone, challenge us to think about what is coming next in the business world.  Technology is changing how we do business, and Yahoo! is proud to support the iSchool as it trains our next generation of leaders to develop solutions to these business challenges.  Join the iSchool and Yahoo! on May 31 at the UW Tower for the iSchool Capstone event.”

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