iSchool Career Services Newsletter 6/4/2012


Job/Internship Search Inspiration

Welcome to the end of the quarter! If you’re job/internship searching, this is the time of year when you might need a little boost to keep up your efforts through the summer and beyond. I’ve collected a few pieces of inspirational tips to keep you going, and if you need an extra boost, I’m here for appointments, emails, and phone calls.

1. Focus on Solutions. Have you gotten one too many rejection letters or had an interview that didn’t go well or a meeting that wasn’t very productive or are you just feeling stalled and like you’ll never find something? While positivity is sometimes a struggle in these situations, thinking about how you can work around, through, or creatively overcome the barriers you might be facing by focusing on solutions is critical to keeping yourself going. This article is a great little reminder on the importance of focusing on solutions and keeping yourself looking up.

2. Use “social goals” to enlist support. If you’re still looking, tell people! Put your tasks and strategies out to your social (and live) network to get some built-in accountability for moving forward. A post to facebook of “doing three informational interviews this week!” or “updating my resume, will be glad to have that done!” or “finally setting aside time to work on my LinkedIn profile” might generate some questions or comments from others encouraging you in the task, asking how it’s going, or providing tips to make that task easier or more successful. A periodic comment like  “still hoping for a UX internship this summer, if you have anyone I should meet, let me know!” might provide surprising support that can keep you going. This article has great info on using social goals in your job and career search.

3. Prepare yourself to be resilient. Maybe you’ve already gotten a rejection, and if you haven’t, you surely will at some point! These rejections can help focus your career in a unified direction. Take heart in the fact that everybody gets turned down for some opportunities, it’s a normal and expected part of the job search process. This blog post is an awesome reminder of the necessity of failure and how to help yourself be more resilient to it.

Career Events this week

Thurs., June 7 | 12:30 – 1:30 pm

iSchool Drop-in Job Seekers/Internship Seekers group MGH 310-D

Fri., June 8 | 8:15 am – 5 pm

Dependable Strengths Seminar for Grad Students & Postdocs – Day One

Mon., June 11 | 8:15 am – 5 pm

Dependable Strengths Seminar for Grad Students & Postdocs – Day Two


Professional Jobs

Seattle University

University Prep

Technology Manager

Contact for more information

Libraries of Stevens County

Golder Associates

Web Analytics Specialist

Contact for more information (also listed on iprojobs)

University of Washington I-TECH

2 Java Programmers

Health Information Systems Implementation Specialist

Contact Emily deRiel for more information (also listed on iprojobs)

Bellevue College Life Science Informatics Center

E-Learning Specialist

Everett Public Library

Digital Services Librarian (Librarian II)

Contact Kate Mossman for more information.

Carnegie Hall’s Digital Archives Project


Internships/Student Jobs

Square Hub

Graphic Design/Interaction Design Intern

Contact for more information (also listed on istujobs)

UW – William Skinner Legacy Project

Web Manager (work study)

Scanning Assistant (work study)

Contact for more information (also listed on istujobs)

UW – Information School

UW – School of Drama

United Nations Archives and Records Management

Unknown consulting organization

Intern – IA/UX/Web development and design

Contact for more information (also listed on istujobs)

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