iSchool Career Services Newsletter 6/11/2012


Career News/Tips

Online Branding Tools

Whether you’re job searching or not, your professional brand identity always needs management. If you are job searching, showcasing your professional identity and skills is a critical piece to convincing others to hire you.  There are so many ways to enhance your brand image and presence online, and I’ve played with a few free tools lately that I like. Don’t use them all! Like social media, focus your energy in one or two places for maximum impact and minimum confusion.

1. Visual resume with or The visual resume is growing in popularity, and especially for creative or design professionals, or can be a great way to visually showcase your experience, skills, and work products. Both will import from LinkedIn, and I like the  customization, the ability to include work products on your infographic page, and the emphasis on quantification that they both present. I especially love that you can quantify your skills and experience any way you choose. Check it out and create your profile here: or here: , you can then include your URL on business cards, on LinkedIn, on your resume or cover letter, in email signatures, or any of your other online or print materials. Take a screenshot of your infographics if you want, and use that on a portfolio or personal website.

2. Online portfolio with Cargo Collective or Coroflot. Use a portfolio creation tool like cargo collective ( or Coroflot (  if you create visual work that you want to showcase online (especially good for you UX or web dev/design people). Linking your portfolio site in with your other online presence(s) keeps everything tied together. Share your URL to the portfolio selectively or publish it on your LinkedIn page or other personal website.

3.  Professionally-oriented website and blog with Weebly or WordPress. This is a great flexible way to put anything online that doesn’t fit well into other categories or tools, or a way to bring your other online elements together in one place. Weebly (  is super simple to set up and takes just minutes to an hour to put up a basic amount of information about yourself (got a job interview, like, tomorrow, that you need a site for?), but is still customizable. WordPress (  is so flexible that you can put as much or as little time and professional content in as you care to. You might start with a page of your resume (or showcase that visual resume you created with or, you might include links to work products or samples of your work, or links to the rest of your online presence. You might put up a blog to share your knowledge and demonstrate that you are engaged with the critical topics in your field.

Less is more, so use only the sites and tools you think you can maintain, and if you’re using social media with these sites to keep up your online presence, make sure that you’re being consistent. Share only the URL that you want people to visit first, and link between sites to create a network of your online identity. Keep your samples and your descriptions and profile up to date by setting aside a few minutes a week to review what you have and keep it current.

Career Events

Tues., June 12 | 7:00 –9:00 pm

UX/IA Meetup – Piecora’s

Wed., June 20 | 3:30 – 4:30 pm

Resume & Cover Letters

Tue., June 26 | 12:30 – 1:45 pm

Academic Careers: Getting Started

Wed., June 27 | 10 am – 3 pm

Career Launch Workshop


Professional Jobs

Tag Creative

Creative Director

Interactive Developer

Senior Designer

For more information contact Jason Nutter <> .

US Forest Service

Forestry Aides

Contact for more information (also listed on iprojobs)

University of Washington Libraries – Health Sciences Library

Translational Research and Collaboration Librarian

Contact Charles Chamberlin for more information.

Washington State Courts

Court Business Process Engineer

Contact for more information.


Field Sales Consultant – Latin America

Field Sales Consultant – Pacific Northwest

Contact for more information.


Researchers, Content Editors

Contact Adam DuVander for more information (also listed on iprojobs).

North Carolina Central University School of Law Library

Reference Librarian

Contact for more information (also listed on iprojobs)

Web Developer (on HuskyJobs)

Student Jobs


Data organization – public Health project

Contact for more information

Light Doctor

IT Systems Intern

Contact for more information (also listed on istujobs)

Puget Sound Business Journal


Contact for more information (also listed on istujobs)

UW Disability Services

Web Specialist

Contact for more information (also listed on istujobs)

Washington State Parks Foundation

Graphic Design/Web Development Intern

Development Coordinator Intern

Contact for more information (also listed on istujobs)


Graphic Design / Interaction Design Intern

Contact for more information (also listed on istujobs)

UW Information School

WhaleShark Media

Blacksmith Capital Group

Project Management Assistant (on HuskyJobs)


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