iSchool Career Services Newsletter 11/19/2012

 Career News

  • Career Advising drop-in hour takes place on Tuesday, Nov 20th this week, in MGH 224, due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Career Tips

How to follow up

I get a lot of questions about how to follow up after an interview or after meeting a recruiter at an information session or career fair. There are several principles you can keep in mind that will help you craft a great follow-up note after an interaction with someone you want to hire you.

1. Say thank you. After you are interviewed or meet with a professional for an informational interview or long conversation, write an email to say thank you. It can be brief. Say thank you for the opportunity to talk with the person, reference an aspect of the conversation you found especially informative or helpful or interesting.

2. Ask a question. Ask something that might keep the conversation going, or that will give you more helpful information. Ask about next steps in the process, if there are any others at the company that you might expect to hear from or might be able to connect with to learn more, or ask if there are any resources the person can point you to that might be helpful in your continued career development or exploration.

3. Ask to connect on LinkedIn. Ask the person if you can connect with them on LinkedIn, and then send them a personalized invitation through LinkedIn to be part of your network. You can post updates on your LinkedIn profile that they will then see.

4. Check in periodically. In following up after an interview, if it’s been a few weeks and you’ve heard nothing, it’s ok to send a brief message to say hello and ask how the hiring process is going. If you’re following up after an informational interview, aim for a periodic check-in about once a quarter to say hello and ask a question or provide information to the person about a topic of conversation that they might find interesting.

Career Events this week

Tue., November 20 | 3 – 4 pm – MGH 224

Career Advising Drop In hour

Tue., November 20 | 3:30 – 4:30 pm

Federal Jobs: Find & Apply

Mon., November 26 | 3:30 – 4:30 pm

Finding Jobs and Internships

Tue., November 27 | 3 – 4 pm

Successful Interviews

Highlighted Professional Jobs


Web Analytics Manager (contact for more information)

Expeditors International

Business Analyst (iCareers # 257)


Interaction Designer (iCareers #254)

Waggener Endstrom

Social Media Senior Analyst (iCareers #246)

National Public Radio – Storycorps

Storycorps Coordinator, Archive

Contact  for more information and to apply

Seattle University

Learning Management System Administrator

State of Washington Attorney General’s Office

Library and Archives Paraprofessional

Highlighted Student Jobs

Puyallup Public Library

Directed Fieldwork  (iCareers # 253)

UW Medicine

Project Archivist (iCareers #235)

F5 Networks

Product Management Engineering Intern (iCareers #248)

Bellevue College Life Science Informatics Center

Compliance Reviewer (part time)

Contact for more information.

UW –  Admissions

International Undergraduate Admissions Assistant (HuskyJobs #66081)

UW – Information Technology

Graduate Student Assistant – User Experience Design


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