Event: oSTEM UW Speaker panel

Date: Thursday, November 29th
When: 6:30 PM
Where: EEB 125
We will be providing food, generously sponsored by Accenture.

RSVP (please do so): https://catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/johngvh/185233

Speaker Bios:

  1. Krista Davis — Krista graduated UW CSE department and later dropped out of grad school  to work for Google. She’s worked on Google Talk and Docs and contributes her 20% time to work on Google’s local philanthropy tools. She represented Google on Seattle’s Out & Equal council and spends way too much time (re)watching Star Trek and Buffy.
  2. Marsha Botzer — Marsha has served the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and progressive communities for over 30 years, as a founding member of Equality Washington, the Seattle LGBT Center, and on boards of Pride Foundation, Safe Schools, Lambert House, Seattle Counseling Service and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.
  3. While we await confirmation from the third speaker, we can tentatively say that he is an executive from a leading multi-national technology firm. Of his many accomplishments, he currently represents the STEM community as a global LGBT lead promoting equality in the workplace.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask the speakers, feel free to ask any questions in the Catalyst RSVP, or email them to me at this address (johngvh@uw.edu). Some example questions could be something like the following:

  • “Have you found STEM companies generally accepting of people who identify as LGBTQ?”
  • “A lot of my community involvement efforts have been with the LGBTQ community. Is it alright to put this on my resume?”
  • “Did you wait to come out at work? If so, when did you choose to come out, and why?”
  • “What is your general experience of being out at work?”
  • “What are some resources I can use to find out how LGBTQ-friendly a company is?”

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

-John D’Angelo
President, oSTEM UW
Depts: Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
University of Washington, Seattle

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