Announcement: Public Service Opportunities Blog

The Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center is pleased to present the new(ish) Public Service Opportunities Blog!

The Public Service Opportunities Blog provides University of Washington students with a unified place to find VOLUNTEER, INTERNSHIP, AND PUBLIC SERVICE JOB OPPORTUNITIES.

Find a wide variety of Public Service-focused opportunities and events posted by on- and off-campus organizations all in one place for quick and easy reference. You can sign-up to receive email updates, or just add the blog to your bookmarks and check back whenever you want to find an opportunity to serve.

On this Blog you will find:

  • Volunteer position postings by Non-profit organizations around King County
  • Public Service-focused Internship position postings
  • Public Service-focused Job postings
  • Links to Service-Learning courses offered at the UW
  • Links to service programs offered at the UW

Please take a moment to check it out!

Your friends at the Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

*These opportunities do NOT include Service-Learning positions coordinated by the Carlson Center. To find a listing of Winter Quarter Service-Learning courses, please visit the Carlson Center’s website:

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