iSchool Career Services Newsletter 2/19/2013



Career News


·         Are you feeling not quite ready to enter the professional world yet? Not sure how you’re going to handle your student loans or pay for grad school in the future? Have you thought about the Peace Corps?


·         The Career Center has two great intensive options this spring that can help you get prepared for your career: the Navigating Career Options Class and the Career Success Certificate.


·         LinkedIn is launching a new job search feature soon! Read this article for more information and you can add this to your list of job search resources!


Career Tips


Do’s and Don’ts of Making a Great First Impression


I get great (and sometimes not so great) feedback from employers and professionals about iSchool students when you go out to represent yourselves at career fairs, conferences, or community events. Most of the time, the people you meet tell me awesome things about you! Sometimes, I hear stories that make me cringe. So here are some tips to help you make a fantastic first impression when you’re out in the community meeting people and doing your job searching.


1. DO: Convey confidence. You’ll succeed when you believe you’re worth something! Communicate confidence to people you talk to by standing up straight, delivering a firm handshake, maintaining eye contact, smiling when you meet someone for the first time, speak clearly and audibly.. When you act like you know what you’re doing, people will believe it! DON’T: mumble, slouch,or  avoid eye contact.


2. DO: Look like a pro. Dress professionally when you know you’ll be meeting people for the first time. Keep your appearance neat and put together. Pay attention to detail in your attire and people will think you’re capable of paying attention to detail in your work. If you look the part of an experienced consultant or manager, people will believe you’re capable of behaving in that role too. DON’T: show up in whatever, dress to be self-conscious, or look like you just rolled out of bed or your PJ’s.


3. DO: Know your value. Practice your introduction, and think about your skills. Communicate to people you meet for the first time what your skills and strengths are, and be ready to back that up with examples from projects or your work experience. Don’t know what you’re good at? Think about classes you enjoy or are doing well in, and the skills that you’ve seen on job descriptions that you can check off. DON’T: self-deprecate or minimize your accomplishments, say “I don’t know” when asked a question about your skills.


4: DO: Accept disappointment gracefully. If someone tells you they can’t hire you right now, you aren’t a great fit for the position, or they’ve decided that you won’t be moving forward in a hiring process accept this news professionally and gracefully. Say thank you for taking the time to talk with you, that you remain interested in the company and hope that at a later date you might be able to follow up about other opportunities. DON’T: argue, threaten the person, lose your temper, or badmouth that person or company to others.


Remember that people you interact with also interact with others, like myself, your professors, and other professionals in your field. If you make a positive first impression, that information will be shared and can enhance your reputation and the reputation of others that you work with. If you behave disappointingly, inappropriately, or unprofessionally, that information gets shared too, and it will have a negative effect on your opportunities, and possibly the opportunities of those you associate with. Make a great first impression, every time.


Career Events This Week


Wed., February 20 | 3:30 – 4:30 pm


Networking for Shy People (& Everyone!)


Thu., February 21 | 3:30 – 4:30 pm


Resumes and Cover Letters


Thu., February 21 | 3:30 – 4:30 pm


Academic Careers – Negotiations


Fri., February 22 | 1:30 – 2:30 pm


 Social Media: (find) jobs & (explore) careers


Mon., February 25 | 3:30 – 4:30 pm


Successful Interviews


Tue., February 26 | 11 am – 5 pm


Intelligence Community Virtual Career Fair


Highlighted Professional Jobs


University of North Carolina –Greensboro


Web Application Developer


Touro College Libraries


Entry-Level Web Developer (FT)


Slalom Consulting


Senior Technical Project Manager




Programmer Analyst (iCareers #26)



Highlighted Student Jobs


United Nations – Joint Inspection Unit


Intern – Archives and Records Management


Golder Associates


Communications and Training Intern (iCareers #432)


Beaverton City Library


Youth Services Spring Intern (iCareers #429)


Expeditors International


IS Summer Internship (iCareers #425)


Montana Department of Transportation Library


MDT Research Library Summer Internship (iCareers #423)


University of Washington – International Student Services


Usability Study/Web Design Intern (iCareers #421)


University of Washington – Information School


Graduate Staff Assistantship – GA Crew 2013 – 2014 (iCareers #419)


Graduate Staff Assistantship – Online Learning (iCareers #420)






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