Event: Motivation through Communication: an Artefact Workshop

Interested in UX?  Here’s a workshop that might interest you.

AIGA is sponsoring a workshop on how behavioral economic principles can be applied to facilitate improved communication and provide deeper meaning through compelling content and design. After a brief, example-rich introduction to the underlying behavioral economics principles, participants will be split into groups and tasked with applying these principles to solve specific and relevant design challenge. The session will conclude with each group presenting its solution for peer feedback and Q&A.


A researcher and strategist at the Seattle-based product design company Artefact, Nikki Pfarr is fascinated by human behavior. She has spent several years exploring the intersection of behavioral economics and design, uncovering strategies that designers can use to improve decision making and encourage behavior change. Nikki holds a master’s of design from IIT’s Institute of Design and a bachelor’s degree from MIT. She is a co-author of the Brains, Behavior & Design Toolkit and was previously a UX designer at Google.

Here’s more about the workshop: http://artefactworkshop.eventbrite.com

Find AIGA on FB at https://www.facebook.com/events/433462610068577/

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