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How to answer an interview question that you don’t know how to answer

I’ve had a lot of material come through my inbox lately about interviewing, and while I’ve written on this a few times before, it never hurts to be reminded again of some helpful interview tips that can get you through the toughest questions. What do you do when you are completely stumped by a question?

Don’t say “I don’t know”. You might get a tough or impossible question on purpose, and the purpose is to see how you think through a problem.  When an interviewer asks  “what is the area, in miles squared, of Delaware?” they are more interested in how you work through the problem than what the actual answer to the question is. Think it through out loud, how would you obtain the information or solve the problem?

Draw connections to similar situations. Another way to answer a tough question is to draw a connection to a problem that you already solved, or that is very similar in nature. For example, if the question is “Tell me about your Microsoft Access experience”, and you don’t have any experience in Access, you might talk about other database programs you have used, or other ways in which you have organized and analyzed information, perhaps using Excel.

Talk about how you’ll improve this area. Admitting to a weakness and laying out a plan for how to improve it is another strategy to take if you’re stumped by an interview question. For example if you are asked, “how would you measure client satisfaction in this scenario?”, and you have never had any experience in measuring anything like this, you might say “measurement and data analysis on customer feedback is an area where I would like to expand my knowledge and grow professionally. I read some great articles on this recently on, and I intend to follow up with two mentors of mine about customer satisfaction measurement best practices.”

Practice, prepare, and keep yourself stress-free and relaxed, and you’ll have no more trouble with tough interviews!

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