Announcement: New Entrepreneurship Class this Fall!

There is a brand new and exciting Entrepreneurship class in the fall which has just been listed.  It is open to anyone at the UW and has no prerequisites.  For future Business majors or students already in the Business major/ENTRE, it can count towards graduation requirements.

Grand Challenges for Entrepreneurs is a new course for business students, geeks, and other undergraduates who want to do something out of the ordinary. The world faces some extraordinary challenges in innovation, big data, food and water, energy, education, careers, poverty, etc.  This course will explore those grand challenges—and the opportunities that come with them. Students will examine how solutions to these massive challenges can be researched, validated, and implemented using entrepreneurial creativity, opportunity recognition, business models, pivoting, and skilled execution.

SLN: 13976, 4 credits, ENTRE 490, section A, T/TH 8:30-10:20, DEM 024

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