The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) will be hosting an event on Wednesday, 10/30, called Game Technology at Microsoft.Event: Game Technology at Microsoft
Time: Wednesday 10/30 @ 7:00 PM
Location: Smith 120

Event Description:
Brian Mount, the Software Development Manager at Microsoft Studios will be talking to us about Microsoft’s role in the raging gaming industry. In particular, what’s been going on with the XBOX Kinect. Also, find out more about a day in Brian Mount’s shoes! What is it like to work for Microsoft? Last but not least, find out what YOU can do to be a part of Team Microsoft and give out some recruiting information. And yes, he will collect your resumes. In addition, we promote diversity on campus, thus this event is NOT exclusive to Asians. Everyone is welcomed at this event! So please do tell as many people as you can!Please do RSVP at the link below! We would really appreciate it as it will help us better accommodate the event for the number of people going! (: more information, please visit our Facebook page: , or contact us at

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