Event: Doc Sprint to Make the Web Awesome


Event: Doc Sprint to make the web awesome

Date: Saturday, November 2nd

Time: 9:00am-6:00pm (or what you wish)

Location: The HUB at UW, Seattle


Microsoft has been a partner in a consortium with other industry leaders in web development—Google, Mozilla, Adobe, Facebook, the W3C, to name a few—in creating a central, open, editable repository of information for web developers. Webplatform.org is still in its infancy, but with over 20,000 registered users, we are gaining notice and building a large community of readers and contributors. On November 2nd, we are sponsoring and running a Webplatform docs (WPD) doc sprint in the Hub at UW. The doc sprints are an ongoing, globally reaching way for the community to come together, add content to, and raise awareness of webplatform.org. We just completed a doc sprint in Amsterdam two weeks ago, and the last doc sprint in Seattle took place in June. The Eventbrite invitation for this doc sprint is currently live.

We’re looking to have participants from all walks of life: [e.g., CS, HCDE, iSchool, dub] local universities, professional web developers, hobbyist web developers, and maybe a few W3C spec editors. No technical knowledge is required, but people who know web development are preferred. We’ll have different level engagement set to suit abilities. Participants will be regaled by a few short talks from industry experts, we’ll roll up our sleeves and edit some web-developer documentation, of course we will provide a superior lunch, and then we’ll bring some SWAG*, including t-shirts and a Microsoft Surface. Everyone gets a shirt. Only one lucky attendee will receive a Surface. Snacks and other refreshments will be provided. We may also have bowling.

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