Event: WAHESC Student Summit


The Washington Higher Ed Sustainability Conference Student Summit is an opportunity to engage in the statewide conversation about sustainability. Students can:

1) be a part of a Student Summit committee and help in drafting topics and breakout groups or

2) a student (s) who would like to highlight her/his achievements and projects and be a keynote speaker and address the summit at the start of the event.

The foundation for this conference revolves around the concept of increasing dialogue/sharing ideas between statewide institutions and I would like to ensure that there is diversity in the creation of the Student Summit. The Summit will occur on the first day of the conference and will run from 9:00am- 12:30pm. The summit will allow students from around Washington State to discuss the importance of student involvement in sustainability and participate in discussions, activities and debates on topics such as: divestment, water conservation, seed patents and sustainable food, northwest foraging, social justice and farmworkers, feminism and sustainability, green business, green building, privilege, edible campuses and more. This event will further your understanding of the interrelationship between social, economic and environmental systems; while challenging current system paradigms and this generation’s role in altering the future!

More information: http://wahesc.org/

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