iSchool Career Services Newsletter 12/23/2013

Career Tips

Prepare for the New Year

As you rest up in holiday mode, this is a rare time when you’re given some space to set aside school work and focus on other aspects of your life. This means that right now is a great time to pause and reflect, and maybe to start working on a new years resolution or two. Here are some things I think are worth reflecting on that will help with your career development in 2014:

1. What have you accomplished this past year?

Your accomplishments are important to remember, list them out! If they are professional in nature they will be great material for your resume, and for your interviews. Even more personal accomplishments can be used in an interview as you discuss your soft skills. A third use for accomplishments: reflecting on them helps boost your motivation and confidence, which are critical components of moving yourself forward in your job or internship search. Confidence and motivation will also be critical to your success in your school work come January. So reflect on what you did this year, what you earned, accomplished, and did well.

2. What have you done to support your job or internship search, and how did it go?

This is an important point to reflect on, because if your search is not going as planned, this is a great time to think about why and change course a bit. Have you been delaying your search? That’s ok, but it’s good to acknowledge so that you can motivate yourself to get moving now. Are you getting interviews but no offers? Think about ways you could improve your interviewing so that your next ones go more smoothly. Haven’t heard back from the company of your dreams? What are some new strategies you could try that might help you get good professional connections or that will impress the company and let them know you’re an asset?

3. Set goals.

What would you like to accomplish this next year? What great experiences would you like to have, or skills would you like to develop, that will support your career? The tradition of new years resolutions applies to all areas of our life, so think about personal goals but also professional goals. Support your goals by identifying actions you can take that will move you forward.

Need help with identifying goals, reflecting on your successes or areas that you would like to change? I’m available throughout the break.

Happy Holidays!

Career-Related Events This Week

No on-campus career-related events this week, enjoy your break!

External Events

NS Coder Night

Tuesday, December 24 |  7:00 – 10:00 pm

Eastside Seattle (Bellevue,Redmond,Kirkland) Xcoders Meeting

Thursday, December 26 |  7:00 – 8:00 pm

Bellevue Job Club Networking

Tuesday, December 31 |  10:00 – 11:30 am

NS Coder Night

Tuesday, December 31 |  7:00 – 10:00 pm

Highlighted Student Jobs and Internships


Software Engineer Intern


Social Media Intern

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Masters Intern – IT Internships


Software Development Intern

Holy Family Parish School

*Computer Teacher

Seattle Public Library – Special Collections

*Digital Project Research Assistant

Washington State Library

*NDNP MLIS Directed Fieldwork Position

Information School

* winter interns

Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

*Records Management Intern

U.S. Department of Transportation

*Cataloging Intern, Historian’s Archival Collection Intern, Historical Research Intern

*Apply Now Through iCareers!

Highlighted Professional Jobs

Colorado State Library

Digital Experience Consultant

Minot Public Library

Technology Coordinator


Systems Librarian

City of Albuquerque

Library Branch Manager

Nuance Communications, Inc.

Principal Usability Lead

QinetiQ North America

Human Factors Engineer

JPMorgan Chase

Enterprise Information Architect Lead, Consumer and Community Banking

Expedia, Inc.

Database Developer

Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc

Network Administrator

Interactive Intelligence Inc.

Team Lead, Cloud System Administrator

Polaris Ventures Technology Company

IT Project Manager

WBB Consulting

Information Technology Systems Requirements Analyst (Consultant III)

Quality Business Systems (QBSI)

Technology Sales Consultant


Data Analyst/ Data Scientist

University of Washington

Acquisitions and Rapid Cataloging – Assistant or Senior Assistant Librarian

Western Washington University

Director of Scholarly Resources and Collection Services

Disney Interactive Careers

UX Information Architect

McGraw-Hill Education

Manager of Librarian User Services

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Collections Archivist

Butler University

Health Sciences Librarian

Santa Clara University

Electronic Resources Librarian

Calnet Inc.

Information Assurance Administrator

NCSU Libraries

*Global Open Knowledge Base (GOKb) Editor

*NCSU Libraries Fellows, 2014-2016

Columbia County Rural Library District


Concordia University Libraries

*Distance Education Librarian

East Central University

*Technical Services Librarian/Instructor

Community Colleges of Spokane – Spokane Community College

*Librarian – e-Learning and Rural Outreach Services

*Apply Now Through iCareers!

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