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Social Media Part II: Job Searching Online

I’m always bugging you guys about networking to find jobs and internships, and yet still, I know you all will continue to use the standard online methods of looking for jobs and internships too. So if you’re still looking for jobs and internships, here are some tips to help you make the most of using the interwebs for your job and internship hunt.

The Search. Using search engines like Glassdoor, Indeed, Careerbuilder, Simplyhired, or others, can yield some good job results.  But, you may want to consider looking for niche job sites that are specifically tailored to your desired field.  These sites may also get less attention because they are specified so your chances of being in a smaller, albeit more qualified, applicant pool are greater.  For example, MLIS students may consider looking at and, MSIM students may use, and Informatics students can look at, 37Signals, or

Resumes. Sometimes posting your resume to an online application system is the only way to apply. If you’re doing that, make sure your resume is formatted properly. Online systems respond best to a resume that is in plain text or ASCII format.  Be sure to use keywords listed in the job posting throughout your resume. Key words are noun phrases, industry terms, and technical skills that reflect those listed by the employer. Also, be consistent across your social media postings about your resume content if you can. Your online or LinkedIn profile should be consistent with your resume and your personal brand; if there are major inconsistencies you may confuse your potential employer or come across as providing incomplete information.

LinkedIn. Hiring managers and recruiters are using LinkedIn to post jobs and source candidates for employment.  Use the Advanced Search Option to refine your search and to search by location, experience level, company, job title, job function, salary, industry, or date posted. If the job is listed directly on LinkedIn, you’ll see how you’re connected to the hiring manager and you can apply online and/or request a referral from a contact. Someone who is employed at your desired company, or has connections there, may be able to help your candidacy for employment. You can also request a referral. LinkedIn will provide you with a template that you can edit so it’s personalized. Always be sure to edit these standard LinkedIn messages! Several iSchool students have found great jobs via LinkedIn so don’t overlook this resource.

Networking. Do not count on a web search as the primary way to land a job.  Putting your main effort into networking and making direct contacts will yield better results. One tool you can try is SimplyHired’s “Who do I know” function. This tool lets you display your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts with connections to each job listing in your search.

Professionalism also plays a large role in your online networking efforts.  Be sure that the content of your virtual posts or messages is genuine and thoughtful. If you have doubts about your tone, have someone else look over your message before you send it (I can do this for you too). Start with people who are friends-of-friends, or folks you know who you suspect could have great connections, to begin growing your network online.

Happy social media-ing!


Career-Related Events This Week

Dependable Strengths for Grad Students
Friday, March 21 | 8:00am – 5:00 pm |  MGH 134

Dependable Strengths for Grad Students
Monday, March 24 | 8:00 – 5:00pm  |  MGH 134

TechConnect Conference 2014
March 25, 2014  |  9:00 – 4:00 pm  |  MGH 134


External Events

Networking 4 Newbies Teleconference
Tuesday, March 18 | 2:00pm

Seattle Java Users Group: Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, March 18  | 6:45pm

SeaPHP UG Meetup – Twilio
Tuesday, March 18 | 7:00pm

Ballard Business Leadership Lunch – Partnership for Smart Growth
Wednesday, March 19 | 3:00 – 4:00pm

The Augmented Self From Gucci to Google: Wearable Technology
Wednesday, March 19 | 5:30 – 8:15pm

AWC presents: Network Your Way to Success – Sherri Edwards
Wednesday, March 19 |  6:00 – 8:30pm

Seattle Career Fair
Tuesday, March 25 |  6:00- 8:00pm

Highlighted Student Jobs and Internships

*Apply Now Through iCareers!

Highlighted Professional Jobs

*Apply Now Through iCareers!


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